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Along the way


Spiritual coaching along the way

Along the way

You’re on your way, I’m on mine.
We are life travellers heading home.
Whatever your yourney is like, eventually you’ll want to come home. To be yourself, to be seen, heard and touched in who you really are.
Like you, I’m a traveller on my way home and I offer spiritual coaching along the way whenever you can use it.

Spiritual coaching

What kind of questions can you put forward? What can be the content of the counseling?
Virtually anything. Anything that matters to you. Some examples:

Do you miss meaning in your life?
Do you want to feel more connected to yourself, learn to better support yourself?
Are you unsure about decisions and in need of new perspective?
Do you lack passion? Doesn’t your life, relationship or job make you happy anymore?
Are you unsure what road to take, which way to travel?
Do you want to learn to understand your dreams?

Questions or situations like mentioned above are fit for counseling. Counseling along the way to pause and reflect on what you come up against on your path of life. For more information you can see On Valerie Tichelman or contact me without any obligation.