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On your way


You are on your way

You’re on your way. I’m on my way.
We are lifetravellers on our way home.
Whatever your yourney is like, in the end you want to come home. You want to be who you are. To be seen, heard en touched in who you really are.
Like yourself, I’m a traveller on my way home and I offer you a conversation on the way whenever you can use one.

Have you got any questions on the way?

What kind of questions can you bring forward? What can we talk about?
Virtually anything that you want to talk about. Anything that matters to you. Some examples:

Do you sometimes doubt whether you’re on the right track?
Do you miss passion? Doesn’t your life, relation or job make you happy anymore?
Do you miss being connected with yourself?
Are you unsure about decisions (not yet) made? Do you need perspective?
Are you not sure what road to take?
Do you want to better understand your dreams?
Do you want to better understand how you can support yourself?

Questions like these are a good starting point for a conversation. A conversation on the way to pause and reflect on what it is that you encounter and experience on your life yourney. For more information you can watch … or contact me without any obligation.